We created a campaign to highlight the badass heroism of American blue collar workers for Participant Media (to coincide with the release of Deepwater Horizon), to drive industry recruitment and safety regulations.

Considering the tiny budget and brutal schedule, I think we made some pretty amazing work that might inspire you to quit your advertising agency recruiter job and go be a longshoreman. Heck, maybe I'll join you.

The films were directed by the incredibly hard working Michael Marantz.

This is the anthem spot that ran on TV:

Then these spots ran online, each profiling a different profession:

We also made a series of limited edition posters by working with some amazing designers who care about this issue.

Jessica Hische

Edel Rodriguez

Aesthetic Apparatus

Pablo Delcan

Alex Nabaum

Mike McQuade

The posters and films all link to worklikeanamerican.org which featured next steps for supporting worker safety or exploring career opportunities in skilled blue-collar fields.

Art Director: Me
Copywriters: Smith Henderson, Wayne Ching
Creative Director: Jason Kreher